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T: 1-514-758-0809

I've well over 30 years of on-hands experience in computer, server and network systems in a variety of environments and organization sizes.
Whether you need to set up a corporate IT, Home Office or just your home computer and network, enhance, update or maintain it, I'm here for you.
I perform hands-on, coordinate or manage most IT-related tasks in larger or smaller installations. If you're stuck in a hole or in a problem state, I'll help you out.
Do I know everything IT? Sure enough, there is probably no one who can claim to be a know-all.
To answer that, I have solid contacts in the IT community in Montreal, Quebec and elsewhere, with other top-notch technical experts in their respective fields. So when you address me you're guaranteed to get the best service by the most knowledgeable people there are, even if I lack the specific expertise required to resolve your issue.
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